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Question about My Documents

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I'm having a problem with saving files to my documents and need some help. Well when I save a file to my documents it also saves to my desktop also. Can somebody help me this worked out?
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What program are you using that you save (eg Word)? Also which OS (eg Vista x64)?
everything from excel, word, to any program with saving any type of text or photos and the os is windows xp
I had a similar problem with XP, when copying off the desktop (eg to a folder) it would always make a copy of itself along with the original.
I don't know of an answer, but try taking everything off your desktop, so that you have just the background - that seemed to do it for me
Good luck
It may be this, but it isn't supposed to work that way...

what I'm thinking is your office installation is automatically saving a back-up copy of your document.

These back-ups are usually stored in the same folder as the original, and typically have a different file extension (ie Word uses .wbk)

Open Word and select from the toolbar:

Tools > Options > Go to the "Save" tab... uncheck "Always Create Backup Copy"

Save a document in word, and see if the duplicate to your desktop goes away..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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