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Does anyone know any documents where the PCIe card retention system has been described on the PC chassis side.

The particular question I have is:
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(1) What is the distance from the top of motherboard to the upper side of the PCIe card retention system on the chassis?
(2) What is the size and location of the PCIe card bottom mechanical retention slit from the top or the edge of motherboard?

What I do have is

But these questions are not answered in mATX standard nor in PCIe standard documents I have been able to find. I need that information for a custom chassis I am planning
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whith which I'm kinda stuck atm at the retention system for the expansion cards. Any information in this regard would be appreciated - even if it's just a suggestion about where I could find such information or if something like that is shown somewhere in the existing chassis documentation, for example.

Edit: found a little more info.
From: http://read.pudn.com/downloads166/ebook/758109/PCI_Express_CEM_1.1.pdf
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It does not answer my question directly but it is something to think on for a little while unless someone manages to just tell me the number or better source.

Edit2: Now I'm getting somewhere.
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So unless I'm too tired to do simple addition atm it seems that from the top of the mnotherboard to the bottom of the mounting bracket is 108.26 mm. The "working" length of the bracket is 112.75 mm plus bottom retention tab of 7.27 mm.
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