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Question about running 1 core 24\7 and the other hardly bieng used.

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I just installed the graphic version of [email protected] and was wondering if running 1 core at 100% all the time and running the other at maybe 30% max for a few minutes now and again would cause any problems. You know, like a tire being worn badly on one side and the other being new would cause a pull in a car.
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Don't worry about it, most operateing systems can dynamically switch tasks between cores as and when required. Running a program on one core exclusively wont affect its lifespan or performance.
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^^^Agreed, though there is one way to eliminate doubt... run the SMP client. I know that a 2.65GHz 4200+ can, so can you
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Tried the SMP client and got confused. Asked for help in a thread and NEVER got a response. Switched to GUI client cause it was way easier to setup.
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