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Question About San diego voltages

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Whats the maximum voltage a 4000 San diego can run at with damaging it? Right now I'm at 2.7 225X12 and 1.42 volt, I can't prime but I can play very demanding games online just fine. Also is it totally neccessary for prime to run correctly to have a stable machine? Also the HTT is set at 4X.

Setup for this machine

DFI Lanparty NF4
4000+ San Diego
2X512 Sticks of OCZ Pc3200 VX @3.2 Volts
Ultra 550 Watt Xfinity
2 36 gig raptors in raid Zero

Temps are 24C Idle
Load temp = 30C
room temperature is 72F

I'm using a thermalTake Golden Orb II , great heatsink.

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You'll find slightly varying opinions on this, but it's important that you understand so you can make your own decision. If you take the general consensus, a modern cpu has a lifespan of say 10 years at stock voltage. The higher the voltage you use, the shorter the lifespan will be. The question you should be asking yourself isn't "how high can I volt it before I damage it" but more "how high can I volt it and still have it last as long as I'll realistically use it." Since there's very little chance you'll use it 10 years
, you can leave stock voltage behind in confidence. The MOSFETS simply aren't designed to switch on/off with higher voltage, so you'll see slightly lower lifespan, but still long enough that it'll be gathering dust in the garage long before your cpu quits on you. On air, I personally wouldn't use anything higher than 1.65 volts for 24/7 use and I'd actually try to stay under 1.6 volts.

Edit: I just noticed you have a dual core, so you might want to adjust the values I've given by the difference between stock single core and dual core. (if there is any)
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