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question about speedfan

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which temps are what in my speefan
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Local = Graphic card ambient
Remote = Graphic card core
Temp1 = CPU most likely
Temp2 = CPU again
Temp3 = Random reading
HD0 = Hard drive
Core = Internel CPU reading
Dude, your sig is WAYYYY to big, change it please. The limit is 8 lines, you have like 16...
ok fixed my sig, and my temp1 and temp2 im guessin are my 2 cpu's, and also whats a high temp for the core
Your core temps are pretty high... and your sig is still to big, by 1 line.
ok, got my sig fixed, and my core is on load btw, but yeah it is a little hot
I'm getting 50C for my core on my athlon 3400+ is that acceptable?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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