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Question about the NAOS 3200

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I'm looking into grabbing a NAOS 3200, in part because I absolutely love my Ikari Opticals. Looking around, I've seen that the naos uses a 3080, versus the 3060 in the ikari (which is a push for me, since I've had no tracking or LOD issues with my Ikari). The Naos looks like it's probably built a little bit more sturdy, and it seems to also be much more readily available unless I want to grab an Ikari off ebay (one should be here today, but I'm concerned because it was listed as refurbished, and was selling for less than half of retail)

The kicker for me though would be knowing if the Naos is an identical shape with the Ikari optical/laser mice, or if it shares the higher hump of the Naos 5k and the QPAD 5k. I owned a QPAD 5k, and while the mouse was great it sits higher than the ikari does - I like the feel of the ikari much better.

Anyone know if the naos 3200 has that smaller hump? or, is it shaped like the 5k in that regard?
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