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Question about TV Tuners, specifically ATI TV HD 650.

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So today me and my dad bought ATI TV Wonder HD 650 tuners, and I got the PCI-e version and he got the external USB version for computer age reasons. Basically they both function the same way.

The card perports to

Enjoy “free-to-air†HDTV or unencrypted ClearQAM digital cable programming and see your favorite TV shows and sports programs in stunning, true-to-life, high definition. As “free-to-air†HDTV (ATSC in North America) is not burdened by monthly fees, watch with pleasure while avoiding the pain of incurring any charges.
Well right now, me and my dad are hooked up to our comcast line. We have a standard internet connection I think 6MB, and we have NO TV PACKAGE, and we pretty much split the cable line via splitter and run it to our tv and pay the small fee for that. Basically we're taking that cable and splitting it again to use with the TV IN on these cards, and we're just getting the same regular channels and the picture isn't that good.

To get the digital over the air HDTV, I'm assuming we need to buy a DTV antenna as I know this now. Can anyone show me what a decent DTV antenna would be and where I can buy one?

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im not positive, but i think if you want to watch over-the-air tv, you need to get an 'amplified' antenna
I have the mono price amplified antenna and I like it alot. I also have a radio shack one, but it is crap. http://www.monoprice.com/products/pr...seq=1&format=2
Amplified digital antennas are a joke. Depending on your locale, a safety pin may be sufficient antenna to tune in a dozen local channels.
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