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Originally Posted by Rud3Bwoy View Post
Does this need to be turned off when ocing if so what option is it under the rampage 2 extreme?
Vdroop should actually be left alone as it is an intentional design that protects the CPU from what would otherwise be harmful voltage spikes every single time load is placed on the CPU and every single time load is removed. So even clicking the Start menu could cause one of these spikes. It's similar to how a spring works - in some respects.

For more information, please check out the following 2 pages from this 13-page Anandtech article:
It shows how protective vDroop can be.
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First off you need to have an understanding of what Vdroop is. Before going any further I would suggest reading this post from "The Tech Repository" forum in order to gain an understanding of what this setting does.

Vdroop Explained....

Here is another good read that explains the relevance of Vdroop and OC'ing.

Overclocking and Vdroop....

In all honesty, in my opinion, enabling or disabling Vdroop at low clocks isn't really going to effect anything. the only effects that you will see will be a slightly noticeable change in your vCore. The only time I ever use Vdroop is when I am pushing my chip to it's limit, 5Ghz and up.
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