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Question abuot Cedega

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I know its a subscription based service that allows you play a large number of games on a linux distro.


How does it work? Is it anything similiar to Wine? Is the performance hit the same as wine?

And lets say some one gets it for 1year, but does not pay for it the next year, will it still be usable? I understand that for something like this, there needs to be constant updates to insure continous compatibility with new released games. but what happens if you stop paying for it, can you no longer the use the program (if it even is a program)?
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It is based on Wine, but they do not release their updates to the Wine community. You can read all you've ever wanted to know here:

Well, technically, they do "release" their updates, but they do it in such a way that they're very difficult for the Wine community to use. TransGaming are not good team players, unfortunately. If they'd actually work with the community, I'd consider buying their product.
how well does Cedega perform in comparison to Wine? Is it just as much of a resource hog when it comes to gaming?
If you want Crossover Games for Linux, PM me. If I remember the password to my email, I can send it to you... lol
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