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So I just started streaming me playing minecraft - building an NHL arena. I had a rough time getting everything going, but I finally managed to get my stream running.

The only problem that bugs me, is on my stream, whenever I move, the video fuzzes up for a few seconds, then resolves to a clear picture until I move again.

You can see an example here : http://www.justin.tv/sabres_fan_in_phoenix/b/283454006
watch in full screen for the first 1:30 or so, you'll see what I'm talking about.

I use Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 with the settings:
Device: VHScrCap
Formats tried: H.264 + VP6
Input Size 1920x1080
Bitrate 1200kbps
Output size 1280x720

My network connection is 50mbps down 5mbps up. And as you can see in my sig, my hardware isn't wimpy.

I figured I'd try here because there tend to be more experts here than on JTV's forums.
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