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Hi I did a 30 minute prime 95 temp test on my i7-4790k stock clock. Here are my results

You can find how my loop runs on this url http://www.reddit.com/r/watercooling/comments/2p9c14/build_complete_royal_flush/

I think for a 360mm rad, that is a little too high. My thinking is the thermal paste needs to be re-applied. The water is also going against the flow on a supremacy evo but I was told that flow direction is only a minor hit in performance. Any thoughts?

And what is the temp that I should be shooting for on this test with a 360mm rad?
I have the Thermalright Silverarrow SB-E Extreme air cooler and I get about the same temps with stock clocks, maybe a hair higher (not sure the exact ambient temp but it was in the dead of summer when I ran prime95, and the house wasn't exactly an iceberg - idle temps of 30c over / under), but just to give you an idea of what to compare it to. I'm not very familiar with water cooling but I'd definitely hope it would outperform even the best aircooler by a good margin if it's a 360mm rad.
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