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Question of first install of Vista Ultimate 64 bit.

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Hey all.
I finally got a copy of Vista Ultimate 64-bit and love it.
My question is about installing programs. When I install all the programs I was running on XP Pro, all the program files are saved to the x86 folder by default. I tried to change that to the x64 on the first program, and it did not work. So I went ahead and just installed everything to the x86 folder, and all works as expected. I am assuming that all of my programs are 32 bit. What I want to know is that if I try to install a 64 bit program, will Vista see that it is 64 bit, and install to the x64 folder? Also, because the programs are 32 bit, do they still have access to all 4 GB of memeory, or are they limited to the 3.25 GB that 32 bit is limited to.
I would like to know because I just ordered 4 more GB of memory, and want to know that it will be used.
Thanks for any help
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To answer your question, yes they would all be able to use all of the ram.
Yeah only 64 bit programs will install on the x64 program folder. The rest would be on the x86 folder.

I would think it would have access to all 4GBs of RAM since in a 32 bit operating system also accounts for video card memory and any other device that uses it's own memory.
That's what if figured. I just wanted to get some feedback on that.
Thanks all
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As of now, I do not think any 32 bit programs are designed to use more than 4 gigs of ram (Adobe Photo Shop is the only one off hand that will use that much).
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