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Question on 24 pin connector.

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Is there such thing as a 24 pin right angle connector

something like this?


I wanted to do some pretty amazing cable management on my new rig i ordered but i find that the 24 pin connector makes the case looks un-neat.
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thats awesome because i have ben researching the same thing today.... i was also thinking about improving my cable management... i wish i could answer u but im gonna have to sub this incase u get some good responses
I have looked for the same item, but I had no luck either.

Perhaps you could buy This and shorten/mod it to your needs?
Thank you for the quick reply i appreciate it. I have to wait till my psu gets in. But i think i might just go with the route of bending the cables and then heat shrinking the cable into a 90 degree angle to have it hold its form.

i will pursue a solution.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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