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I have a question on MIMO touchscreens. My computer build will have three MIMO screens mounted on the case itself. I plan on configuring these screens to display a fully functional Star Trek LCARS interface.

The problem I am facing is how the MIMO screens are configured. That is, after installing the screens, you simply "extend the desktop" to include the additional touchscreens. Extending the desktop, for my purposes, is not sufficient. I want to run indiependent windows on each screen that can run independent programs. In the beginning, I would like to run specific screen savers on each MIMO screen. Each screen will run a different screen saver. When I have more time, I will create a new interface for each screen.

Does anyone know of any software that can run each additional MIMO screen as a separate, distinct monitor? Ideally, I would press a combination of keys to switch between the main monitor, MIMO screen #1, MIMO screen #2, MIMO screen #3, then back to the primary monitor.


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