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Hi everyone, I've been trying to find out exactly what thickness the thermal pads are on the Gigabyte G1 Gaming 980Ti as I need to strip mine to repaste as temps are getting pretty high. I know I could buy some assorted thicknesses and just test which ones fit best, but for whatever stupid reason, thermal pads are really expensive in my country, like €15-40 each for just a small piece, so buying 1.0mm, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm... would be crazy expensive.
Most owners I've asked say different values as well, some have told me they're 1.0mm but others said 2.0mm or 2.5mm, and EKWB told me they use 0.5mm and 1.0mm on their waterblocks but is probably different for the stock cooler.
So, if anyone knows what thickness they are for 100% sure please let me know.

Also, with cooling something hot like the VRMs on a card like this, is there a minimum or optimal thermal transfer rating they need to have, e.g. W/mK - I saw EKWB pads that come with the waterblocks for this card are rated at 3.5W/mK but others from Thermal Grizzle go up to 10W/mK or more, so I wondered if maybe I need higher rated ones for running on air?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I've only ever used the pads that come included with a waterblock, I've never had to buy separate ones and replace them on a card when putting the stock coolers back on.

Thanks, appreciate any advice.

[Edit] - Also, I tried contacting Gigabyte directly and they were as helpful as a chocolate fireguard! They took a week to reply and when they finally did reply it was a generic copy n' paste; "This information is privileged and for internal use, we cannot give this info out to the public. We do not encourage people to take apart our products, please contact our warranty departme... blar blar blar.

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Hi there

Not sure but this should help you there,although is for EVGA GTX10xx series but this should be similar to 980Ti or earlier cards


As above in this link they use 1mm thick thermal pad and which one are best,many people prefer Fujipoly,EK or Thermal Grizzly and Alphacool,I have used on my WB only EK which are been OK,although I still would replace them for Thermal Grizzly which can be found bit cheaper than Alphacool or Fujipoly which are bit on expensive side

Hope this helps

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