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I've been having a lot of driver issues with my GTX 260. The 258.96 drivers cause my games to crash or have artifacts. The Gothic 4 demo will run for 5 secs, freeze, run for another 5 secs, and then crash. Crysis would run for about maybe a minute and then it would also crash. Also, the Kane and Lynch 2 demo would not crash, but the screen would go black, except for the lights in the game. And every time I would change the graphics settings, it would go back to normal for 10 secs. It's not a temperature issue, since my card hits about 70 degrees celsius at load. Furmark load was about 81 or so, but it was still stable.

So, I reverted back to the drivers that came installed with Win 7. More than a year old, but they fixed all of my issues.

I recently installed the 260.63 beta drivers and all of my games run fine, except for the Kane and Lynch 2 demo. Same thing happens.

So, my question is: What drivers do you use and do you have any problems with them?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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