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Questions About Windows Vista

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I am buying a new computer adn i am thinking about waiting to buy vista. If i were to wait would it be worth it. I would probably wait a little bit until they get all the tweaks and stuff out of the first part that comes out. Also i know its 128-bit so will there be 128-bit CPUS coming out?
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As far as my knowledge goes, Vista (the good versions) are both 32-bit and 64-bit friendly. This is the main reason why I'll be picking myself up a copy of an upgrade to Vista Home Premium. Perhaps you're thinking of codename: Vienna which is the next windows to come out after Vista. Though the technical details of this OS is very, VERY minimal...

But yeah, I think you should get your computer now and put on maybe windows 2000 or something cheap, then get a Vista upgrade when it's released towards the end of this year. I wouldn't worry about all the bugs and tweaks as they'll eventually be fixed up via Windows Update and Service Packs.
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