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Quick Laptop Cooling

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Hello OCN! I created this Laptop GPU cooler. What you do is put it on the side of the computer (Where the vent is) and it sucks the hot air into the heatsink, but it really works great.

- A video i made of it.

It uses a USB cable to get the power.

How i made it:
1. Cut a USB cable (i had to cut 3 to see which ones worked)
2. Get a heatsink (forgot what kind of connector) with a power cable
3. Shove the USB cables into the power cable (Some holes in it for a input)
4. Plug in the USB and away you go.

Well, it worked great, Temp came down from 60-70 C (On a 8800M GTS GPU)
to 50-55 C. Wow. Works WONDERFUL. Bigger fans wont work as well, as they require more power, so smaller = better.

Please note, i cannot guarantee it to work 100 percent perfectly, as in cooling performance, some fans work better than others. I tried this on another laptop, and it does not give the same results. For best use, put it under the fan (If there is a fan underneath the laptop) or putting it on the side.


I hope this was informative to OCN!
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ummmm. fail. the heatsink itself is doing you zero good putting it on the side of your laptop. that is all for now.
i imagine the fan is a good idea but all you are really after is hot air extraction you just want is the fan, because the heatsink will just hold on to the heat and is there any point?

nice idea and mod though
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Yeah, i know that the Heatsink does nothing, but its the only fan that can "match" the size of the heat vent of the laptop. I could take the heatsink off, but i might need it for my pentium 3 computer

But, yes, it cools it very good.
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