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Quick question for my AMD on my laptop

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i recently bought the hp tx2 with the amd turion x2 64 rm-72 at 2.10ghz

for some reason i only see the clock speed at 1055mhz at its max with 5.25 multiplier

i'm not sure about the spec multiplier but the largest i've seen is 5.25

my question is, do the amd cpu advertise 2.10 by saying it is 1.05 ghz per core?
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Cool 'n' Quiet is enabled. The CPU throttles down when either on battery power, or under light load. Try encoding a video, or playing a game, and see what the CPU reaches.
i noticed the problem when im using superPi. when on battery it runs at 1.05Ghz and when plugged in it runs at 2.1Ghz

i checked the vista power profile and duplicated the plugged in settings to the battery settings for high performance and still no luck... any ideas?
The CPU auto clocks down when on battery. No matter what.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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