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Quick RAID 0 Question

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Today I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go RAID 0 on my sig rig. I currently have three drives and would be adding a fourth. Two would be in RAID 0 for the OS and the other two would be standalone drives for storage. With ICH10R, am I able to switch to RAID in the BIOS and still be able to use my standalone storage drives (currently AHCI) as is or is there going to be a fuss? Last time I played with RAID was on my old 680i and I seem to remember having to reformat all drives in the system.

Also, my P6T is v1 which means I have the onboard SAS controller. I believe I can still use regular SATA drives (only loosing the low-level format option) on this as well. Is there any advantage to going this route?
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Yeah, when you go into the manager (ctrl & I iirc) you set up the striping on the array. once that it done, it will see the array as one volume. When you have other volumes added, they will all work the same as if you had a single drive vs. an array.
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