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Quick RAID 0 Question

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Today I think I'm going to bite the bullet and go RAID 0 on my sig rig. I currently have three drives and would be adding a fourth. Two would be in RAID 0 for the OS and the other two would be standalone drives for storage. With ICH10R, am I able to switch to RAID in the BIOS and still be able to use my standalone storage drives (currently AHCI) as is or is there going to be a fuss? Last time I played with RAID was on my old 680i and I seem to remember having to reformat all drives in the system.

Also, my P6T is v1 which means I have the onboard SAS controller. I believe I can still use regular SATA drives (only loosing the low-level format option) on this as well. Is there any advantage to going this route?
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You can raid those two and still use the other 2 flawlessly. No need to format the other non-raid drives.
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