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Quick raid 1 question

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Ok well i got a new X58 board, wondering how i go about moving it to my new board? with out losing my data
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Hey um not n hundred persent sure
but as far as I know as long as the raid card in the old board is the same as in the new board u can simply plug it in and set the raid configuration. So basicly if your new board is the same brand as your old one you should be fine. BUT!!!!! PLS make sure of this.
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both are X58/ICH10R so i imagine so
OKY so from what I c online I am correct but its gotta be the same chip set and all so you wil have to go online and see if it wil be compatible.
Are you really running RAID1? If so just move 1 disk to start with, and see what happens. You always have the second to use to if something goes wrong.
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