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R7 1700 can't be overclocked over 3.55 GHz no matter what I set it to in Ryzen Master Utility.

Computer: HP Omen 880-030 (880-p0xx) Desktop

CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 1700, stock cooler, stock thermal paste

Motherboard: HP 8309 "Higos"

OS: Windows 10 Home 15063.850


RAM: Hynix 16GB DDR4 2x8GB 2400 MHz

The max "core multipler" I could set it to in Omen Command Center was 142x (35.5x) so I uninstalled that and all HP bloatware I could find, Bonjour, etc. using Geek Uninstaller
(RivaTuner Statistics Server 7.0.2 and Steam off-screen)

I then tried using the "Fresh Start" feature in Windows Defender. First thing I did was install Ryzen Master Utility again. No dice, still capped at 3.55 GHz. Have tried increasing the voltage up to 1.35V but nothing changed.

Unless someone knows of a special BIOS or other method to try to overclock it, it seems that my options are

1: Go through the trouble of returning it to HP.

2: Live with the modest .55 GHz OC.

Thanks for your input!

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Thanks for providing a link to the motherboard data. I can't find any information about the prom2 chipset so it may be that what you see is what you get.

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Promontory is the code name for the 300 and (I think) 400 series chipsets from AMD.

And the limitation the OP is experiencing is likely due to the proprietary nature of the hardware in HP systems.
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