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Well, hello.. i really don't know if this goes here..

I have a MSI R9 280X Gaming 2GB

it works very well, any problem at all... excepting a color problems related with (what i think) a SMD or some integrated

Gallery photos of the problem

i use "Splashtop" for control the computers in my network, i use it from other computer it works as it has no problem.

i GUESS if i use it in CF it will work well to... i tried a lot of things to make it work:

No driver errors (the problem displays itself in bios too)
All temps and other stuff like fan speed and clocks OK
Tested with Games like GTA V and others without problem, no performance lose
There was NO crashes, no black screens no flickering or any problem.
Already flashed VBIOS with new one given from MSI support and no result.
Tested all outputs, HDMI - DVI and the two miniDP (the miniDP with miniDP to HDMI and HDMI to DVI...)
Tested in other computers (different motherboards,cpu,psu,ram, etc etc) same problem,

i already know that is a hardware problem.

The only particular thing is when it is in full load it has a little sound (an integrated toasted i think).

Anybody knows something about a problem like this?

THX for all. and sorry for my writing ,english is not my mother langueage
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