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Hi guys, this is my first post in here. Probably not the greatest way to introduce myself, but I truly do need some help!

I started overclocking my HIS IceQ X2 280x today, I've got the core clock to a measly 1165mhz from 1000mhz (that's as far as I can take it without going past 1.3v - currently sitting at 1.28v stable), but I've got the memory clock at 1850mhz from 1500mhz, all completely stable. I know for a fact that I can push the memory up to 1900mhz if not above that, but I want to know if it's safe to do so! I've currently got the memory set to 1.585v from 1.5v and I feel like I'm already pushing it as I know all this extra voltage will result in added heat and I really would not like to damage my card or it's ram in any way.

So can anyone tell me if it's a green flag or red on pushing the memory even further? Or even leaving it as it is?

As for anyone asking me whether I'm actually seeing any performance gains on my GPU from the memory overclock, the answer is HOLY ***** YES!!! I've seen more of a performance boost from my memory overclock than I have from my core overclock!

I'll leave a few pictures in a bit on how the overclock of my GPU (and I'll throw in a lil CPU action just for you guys too) has boosted my performance!
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