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Having a bit of a problem lately that I can't seem to solve. Hoping you guys can help me out.

I have two MSI R9 290x cards in crossfire. (reference cards)
The MSI bios doesn't allow changes voltages etc, and in general overclocked very poorly.

I then flashed the Asus bios on both cards, in uber mode.
This allowed me to adjust the voltages and worked real sweet and I was able to get some decent overclocks on both cards.

Then about a month ago I noticed crappy framerates in any game. Further research showed that my second card was not kicking in at all when loading any game or benchmark. It just sits at idle. This is in uber mode.

Change to quiet mode and the issue is gone.

Change back to uber mode, and again, the secondary card just sits idle.

I tried re-installing drivers, this didnt work. (running 13.12)
I then re-flashed back to the MSI bios, and voila, both cards work fine in uber mode, but again, can't overclock them much.

I then tried again and re-flashed the Asus bios in uber mode on both cards, and the problem is back. The secondary card sits on idle no matter what I do.
Again re-installed drivers to be sure. (running 13.12)
Run a test, same again.
Tried installing earlier drivers.
Run a test, same again.

Next test was to disable the primary card and see if actual secondary card has a problem with the Asus bios and or drivers.
Card ran fine on its own with the Asus bios.

Enable both cards again and the secondary card will always sit at idle.

Put both cards back in quiet mode, and they work fine in crossfire.
I've been running them like that since - can't really overclock them at all.

It seems the second card is just stuck at idle when using the Asus bios in uber mode.

Anybody have any ideas ?

Both cards are watercooled.

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have you tried 14.2 or any other drivers? heard something about the 13.12 was best for 7000 series and under and 14.2 was best for R9 series but think I did hear of others with CF problems, hopefully the next release will fix those issues.
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