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Radeon 3650 agp problem..

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my mate is having a problem with his 3650 agp card..

In most of the games he will have to end up rebooting his computer because you get a black screen. Call of duty 4 will get 80 fps then after about 20 mins it crashes then you have to reboot it.

his system is:

p4 @ 2.4 ghz
1 gig ram
320 gb hdd
450 W psu

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it isnt overheating. thats what i thought it was at the start. its a stable 30-40 idle. 50-60 gameplay
Is there artifacting before it crashes? Does it crash any other time other than while playing games?
Check the drivers and power supply. Maybe the power supply is starting to go bad.
Is he using the AGP hotfix drivers?
What voltage is he running at, and can I get a Gpu-z screenshot?

Also, if you can try and get a photo of the stock cooler it would help, mine was horrible. With my current overkill industrial grade cooling setup, I idle at 25-29c at stock, and load at 31-35 at stock, and load at 40c with my sig rig OC
i just updated driver then. its called its self vision tek 2600 xt AGP for some reason. i try to update to hotfix but it says its not the right driver or something. i will get a screenshot in a sec. i started to play cod 4 and it was fine 125 fps.. then it froze then screen said no video input
Odd, usually when not using the hotfix it should show the right gpu-id. Mine is labeled the same, but it doesn't prevent me from over clocking and over volting like I have. Try and look for older versions of the hotfix, I'm heading out for the night but if you can get a photo of the card that would be great.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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