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This is very weird. My GTX 460 died on me, so I swapped it out temporarily with the graphics card on my other desktop which is a MSI Radeon 7770:


I have a dual monitor setup. One monitor is 1920x1200(Samsung via HDMI) and the other one is 1920x1080 (HP vs DVI). Before, when the GTX 460 was working, everything displayed correctly.


When I installed the Radeon GPU, and connect via HDMI to my Samsung monitor, it the monitor does not detect a signal. However, the HP monitor via DVI does. I tried using DVI with the Samsung and it works, only HDMI does not work.

What's funny is that when I use an old 17'' Haanspree monitor and connect it to my desktop via HDMI, and try to use a dual screen setup, everything works.
I connected my laptop to the Samsung monitor via HDMI and it works.

For some reason, I don't know why the signal via HDMI is not working specifically with the Samsung monitor and the desktop. DVI works, connecting HDMI to a different monitor works.
I even tried using different HDMI cables.

I was going to buy another graphics card to replace the 460, but I want to make sure that it is not my monitor's problem.

I also updated/reverted drivers and the same issue persists.
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