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Radeon 9250 w/256mb - overclocking?

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Originally Posted by gamecrasher

hi everyone.
i just had a question regarding my video card. its a powercolor radeon 9250 with 256mb. im fairly new at this, so bare with me. using ATI Tool ive been able to find out that my cards runs at 240mhz clock and 200mhz memory, stock. i also found out it can go up to 317mhz clock and 216mhz memory without artifacts. problem is, ATI Tool says its 'not compatible' with my card and cant save those settings onto the card. i was wondering what software out there can save those speed settings onto my card so i dont have to constantly open up any programs. basically, something i can do to write those speed settings onto the card bios.

thanks in advance!
and sorry in case this was a stupid post...

Hey man try getting omega drivers...i use them for my 9600 256mb - 320 core @489

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Yes, I too have the same problem and i don't know if i just don't know how to overclock or the card just does not support overclocking.

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i'm wishing to also overclock my radeon 9250 with 256mb. i know it's possible but i need some advice on which vga fan to go buy.
lol, dead thread revival!!!!
i too had the same problem when i briefly owned a 9250 256 pci.

maybe there isn't enough voltage to OC or something?

lol @ the thread reviveal.
you want to overclock it buy a new video card. it's sad to say but true. they don't overclock. keeping them cool won't cut it as I have blown my delta fan right at my heat sink. it needs more voltage, and even then if you go through the trouble of doing a hard mod to up the voltage you are still stuck with a video card that is very slow.
The 9250 are not good at overclocking no matter what you do. Nothing cuts it.
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