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Radeon HD4870 Crossfired and GTA IV

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I apologize if this issue has been covered before.
I've tried searching for a solution for the past 3 days and nothing yet.
I've also tried searching the forums here but it won't let me get past the stupid "image verification" code.

I'm runing 2 radeon hd4870 1gb cards in crossfire with the latest catalyst software (9.3). In CCC, crossfireX is checkmarked. During gameplay, it shows the crossfire icon in the upper right hand corner.

***Here's my problem***
In GTA IV under graphics settings, it says i only have "1024 MB" of video memory, when i really have 2 cards of 1GB memory installed. ***? Is crossfire really working? There doesn't seem to be a performance increase with both installed. Actually i've noticed a decrease compared with only one installed. Does GTA IV recognize crossfire?

More info:
Under GPU-Z it says crossfire enabled (unsure for vista 64). I have win vista 64 ultimate. Unsure......? I was under the impression with 2 1GB cards crossfired that I would have 2GB of video memory!!!!!

Excuse my newbness. This is my first time crossfiring and so far i'm disappointed with it.
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Crossfire does not double your memory. Yes you have 2g total ram, but 1g on one card is mirrored on the other so the infomation on the ram is exactly the same on both cards at any given time.
GTAIV doesn't support dual GPUs does it?
I think there was a patch that enabled em, but I could be wrong.
you have to update the game for it to work well with crossfire
Like said above, crossfire does not double your memory.
You do in theory have almost double the processing power though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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