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Apparently AMD is looking for people to help out with testing:
Going Further

At the center of Radeon™ graphics products is the Radeon™ Software driver package, the digital lifeblood synergizing powerful graphics hardware and innovative software architecture. We have taken unprecedented measures to increase our driver quality, release schedule, and new game support for our software, as well as the user experience critical to us and our customers.

Our team of software developers and QA engineers pours tens of thousands of hours across hundreds of different configurations working toward a very simple goal-to achieve and deliver exceptional driver stability and performance. We are proud of our product, but we won't stop here- we're reaching to achieve greater heights.

Enter Vanguard

Despite all that software coverage, we are looking for an additional element- our community. At AMD, we hear your praises, and we also hear your constructive criticisms. We are offering exclusive access to early drivers for selected community software beta testers.

Your Voice is Heard

Our users' feedback has become an invaluable tool in our daily work. Helping us to identify real-world application issues across a diverse range of software and hardware configurations not only helps you, but helps the community at large.

What better way to have your voice heard than to directly be involved with AMD, to provide feedback on beta software and help us achieve our stability and performance goals?

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Though i don't have much time for it. Almost none t.b.h.

I was spontaneous, thinking i just need to apply, to support them, from the perspective of gamers playing slightly older games (f.i. Mirror's Edge Catalyst) on slightly older hardware (f.i. R9 290 crossfire) on Windows 7 x64.... Maybe i am part of a worldwide large minority.

I truely hope i won't get selected, but if need be... i'll serve!
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