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Raid 0 and partitioning

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Hello all,

I think i've decided on Raid 0 over the velociraptor due to better gb/$ ratio and comperable performance. Thinking about getting 2 WD3200AAKS, its about $100 for the both of them, thats 640gb compared to the 150gb I'd get with the raptor at $160. Only thing is, with 640GB, would it be beneficial to partition the drive for the OS, then another for programs and the rest? Or would one large partition be best? Thanks for the input.
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It would be safer to partition, but your not going to see any performance benefit partitioning the same drive array...
I'd just run 1 partition...
On Intel Matrix Raid you can have two partitions with a differnt stripe size on each. I run mine with a smaller stripe for the OS and the largest stripe for Data.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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