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Raid 0 Performance

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Okay, so I've been playing around with my Raid 0 setup and I think I've finally got the best results.

My setup is 2x 320 Seagate and a 400 Western Digital running on my setup below. I have them setup in Raid 0 on a 64k block.

I used Sandra 2009 Pro to bench the read and response and HD Tach.

My one concern is that it seems that I got a good read speed but sacrificed a little bit of burst speed and also my response seems on the sluggish side.
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Looks pretty good. That's a lot better than what I get with my 320's.
Yeah its the firmware in the drive that directs it how to perform. The stupid segate in my sig fails at xp startup and application loading to be any performance winner. Pc mark of the specs of my average segate even with a 32MB cache and then the raptor.

This is Pic is another system I have with the raptor. Which is pretty decent. I like WD

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