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RAID 1 Question? - PLEASE HELP

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Alright, can I RAID 1 two drives that are the same size, even though they are different brands and perhaps slightly different specs? I ask this because I want to set up a RAID 1 for my brother so if something happens to his new computer (my current listed sig rig) he has a second drive that will kick in and he won't lose anything (unless it is electrical, then you never know).

So, the drive I currently have is a 1TB WD 1001FALS which has 32MB cache.

The second drive I want to get is something comparable like the 1TB Samsung F3 Spinpoint which also has 32MB cache. Not to mention this is the cheaper option.

Will these drives be compatible? Would there be a scenario where two drives of the same size would not do RAID 1?

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You can make a raid1 with any drives, it will just be the size of the smaller and depend on the speed of the slower. AFAIK the Black and the Spinpoint are pretty similar in performance.
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