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RAID 5 Recovery Options (Abit IP35 Pro) UPDATED

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I seem to be in a mess here... I had a RAID 5 setup with 3x400GB drives.
One time one of the drives failed, so it was running on the remaining two
fine, altho a little slowly as expected, listed as "degraded" in the bios RAID
screen.... so i sent back the defective drive and meanwhile, continued to
use it in its degraded state with no problems except for loss in speed.

Then recently the system would not boot to XP, and in the RAID screen, it
showed BOTH drives as "FAILED." Knowing no way to fix that, since
I needed my PC for work and things, I took those offline (unplugged) and
installed a single drive and loaded XP on there and used that. When i
tried viewing the other drives through this new XP to see if I can at least
see the files, they were both unrecognizable by XP as expected.

Then my replacement drive finally came and I put that back in, took my
single drive offline, and had all 3 back to what it was... and rebooted with
RAID in the bios settings (had IDE while I was on th single). The system
still doesnt boot of course, but the problem is there is no option in the
RAID bios screen to REBUILD, or i thought it should automatically start
rebuilding on its own. I have the screenshot of the info at the end.

The problem is now it sees TWO non-raid disks, which is wrong isnt it??
only the new replacement drive should be non-raid and the system
should make it raid by rebuilding.. so something is not right here. Any info
would be appreciated, or else I will not be averted to simply going the route
of recovery and getting rid of RAID altogether, I am sick of this! Thanks.

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