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RAID0 Problem, invalid array all of a sudden!

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So, after booting up a couple of times with the Gigabyte UD3P mobo I just bought, it seemed to work perfectly with my old raid, I was able to boot up from them, only thing missing was a couple of drivers, but after reinstalling those, it worked just as it did before (just better

Now after going to overclock a bit, I played around with a couple of settings, but THEN one of my RAID arrays were marked as faulty all of a sudden!

I thought, "that's probably just a temporary problem", so I cold-rebooted, and lo and behold, it's still there. Ok, let's try stock settings... nope, still there.

What my HD setup looks like right now:

2x RAID-0 Maxtor 250GB's, marked as the RAID array "250's", on a 16kb stripe.
2x Maxtor 200GB's, one marked as the RAID array "200's", on a 128kb stripe, while the other appears to be a non-RAID disc.
1x Hitachi 250GB non-RAID disc. I put it in for backing up some of my stuff, ironically enough (I didn't get anything copied over stupidly enough ><)

The important thing here, is that one of the 200GB harddrives are still working, as in, it spins up, and I can read SMART info off it.

So what I'm asking, is there any way at all to restore my RAID as it was before? I might JUST have the disc space to take the files I need FROM the faulty RAID array, so if anyone has or knows of a program that can restore files from a faulty RAID array, or restore the RAID completely, I would be absolutely grateful.
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I really hate doing early bumps, but I can barely do anything without these drives.
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