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Ok so im down to putting my last component in my pc build and its ram.. Unfortunately theres not alot of choices of ddr ram on newegg anymore so i have to take what i can get.. Im running a DFI expert board with an Amd 2x4600 toledo that overclocks quite nicely. I have already rma'd gskill 2x1g ddr400 running at 2.5 3 3 6 because of massive memtest errors and corsair pc4000 ddr500 becuase its just not compatible with the Expert boards.
Anyone have an opinion on either of these brands?

Those look like about my 2 best choices left that is in stock..
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Well overclocking is not officially supported on that particular brand of Mushkin I believe. So I would go with the OCZ without a doubt my friend.
Yeah CWell.. I was kinda leaning that way but i have heard some good things about the mushkin as well plus its ddr500.. Reading some of the reviews of the ocz people are hitting ddr500 speeds with that also with a relaxed timing.. Decisions decisions...lol
generally ocz and dfi get along pretty good its usually highly recommended on dfi street and by dfi itself, i allways had best results with ocz on my dfi boards with amd
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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