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the thing is that i am upgrading my RAM from 2GB of OCZ Gold 1333MHz and i was thinking of getting the Corsair XMS 4Gb DDR3 1333MHz (2x2Gb) CL9 Dual-Channel Kit. Here: http://www.eclipsecomputers.com/product.aspx?code=MEC-D34096D13X and was wondering if it would be compatible with my system. for some reason tho the old RAM becomes unstable wen it is set to any thing over 1066MHz even tho it is supposed to be 1333MHz will this problem still occur with with the new RAM?

here's some of my system specs:
Intel Pentium G6950
Gigabyte H55M-S2H Mother Board
Octigen 500W PSU
Gigabyte Radeon HD 4670 512MB Graphics Card

system is the one in the sig.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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