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Ram causing this?

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Well me and tubnotub1 got my rig to a stable OC. Then I reformatted and didn't change the bios and it wasnt stable. Infact, it wouldnt even boot.

So I redid the clock and made it a bit slower than before, and did a 8 hr prime95 stable test (100% cpu load, 100% ram load). NO ERRORS!

I restart and have no problems for a day.

Then I install HL2, get a BSOD. I ignore it. Restarting trying again, it goes through fine. I shove in Episode 1, Press install..starts installing, The whole comp freezes.

So I go back into my BIOS and revert it all to stock.

*** is causing this? Tubnotub1 thinks its my ram. My ram can't do anything near as well as his can, and its the same ram. (He runs his at 3-3-3-6-1T, and I can't even run it at 4-4-4-12-1T). We also have the same board.

Should I just RMA this ram or maybe contact corsair and see if I can trade it in for some non-promo crap?

This is like my 20th post about this build, im sorry

On a side note, "LinkBoost" in my bios if enabled (which it is by defaults) sometimes causes me to get no display when booting. Which makes me think my card or mobo is faulty also, because tub's runs it fine, and he has the same card.
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Well Heres my take.

The Formatting shouldnt have made any Difference to your Overclock.

However what you describe could either be the following.

1. Windows Install Was corrupted at those Overclock settings.
2. Motherboard drivers problems...Perhaps reinstall and get the latest ones.
3. You have Bad memory modules. Test your memory.

Now When you install an OS you should return to stock speeds to avoid issues mate. I would try this before and RMA.
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Ram passes all tests I throw at it, the motherboard drivers are the latest.

I installed windows on stock too

tub can get his exact same ram to 3-3-3-6-1t and i cant even do 4-4-4-12-1t. I gotta do 4-4-4-12-2t.

1t with any timings = major errors. They are in the correct DIMM slots to.

Im just going to set my multi to 12x, which is 3.2GHz and only overclocks the processor nothing else.. and see how that goes. Yea my score is a bit lower than 3.11ghz with FSB overclock, but eh..
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This is rather ODD i have to say. Hows the SMART status of that HDD ?
I used "active smart" to check my hard drive and all my scores are perfect or near perfect.

And you got Forum Director? Grats dude.
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