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well if you put it on every other chip then it wont cool the chips with out it on therefore wont be any different then not cooloing it really because each chip is creating heat

honestly unless your running something like bh5 with mad volts like 3.4 thus creating alot of heat i wouldnt worry about it all that much, for instance i dont like the gskill heat sincs because they are aluminum and the thermal tape allways touch only 1/3 of the ram and insulates the rest because ther is just a big air void so i allways take off the heat spreaders to ensure proper air flow over the ram

i would either get some more ram sincs or buy some heat spreaders to put on there if your really concerned or you can rig up a fan that blows on your ram- do some searching in the forums theres been alot of different setups people have done but its usually on like bh5 or utt i think there called because of the heat they generate due to the volts
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