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ram for asus a8r32-mvp mb and 4800+

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I want to get 2gb (2X1) that will let me get a decent oc. After looking around for a good while it looks like the ocz platinum pc4000 eb should do the trick. Question is whether there is any problem with these for this config? A couple of sites where I was getting prices had customer reviews concerning reaching stated timings or bad modules. Anyone here had problems with them ocing or think there might be a problem using them with the asus board?
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I think those modules should be fine. From what I have heard the newer modules work just fine at rated frequencies, but they do not OC as well as the older ones did.

basically the best 1Gb sticks for OC'in:
Crucial Ballistix Tracers PC4000 - if you can find them and have the $ once you do.
OCZ Platinum PC4000 - probably the next best... and next most expensive!
then anything w/ Samsung UCCC IC's - OCZ gold PC4000 (both gx and regular), g.skill HZ's, mushkin extreme performance

also, I believe the Mushkin redlines are decent, but they're spendy once again. just do a search through the AMD memory section for some links to some memory roundups. there have been some good ones posted here.
Yeah, the problem with the reviews is that it seems that when they were written a particular module was good and had certain characteristics but after a few months the quality of subsequent batches are not as good or display different characteristics. Then customer reviews or complaints indicate that the quality of the latest run of the modules has fallen off or weakened. This is why I was trying to find some that were currently on the mark. Will the g.skill hz's do about as well as the current batch of ocz platinums? I was reading a thread that showed a fairly consistent level of quality. Would they have about as good a chance of making it to 270-275 mhz as the ocz platinums?
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