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hi guys , just to get it right the x-x-x-x Ram setting , what is the exact order ?

last it Tras?

i got a noname but pretty good overclocking RAM 2x512 DDR400 cause im at CAS 2.0 and it runs fine but my config is

CAS 2.0
RAS to CAS delay 3clocks
RAS precharge 3
Cycle time (tras) 8
Bank cycle time (trc) 11clock
Dram idle timer 16

so what should i change to tune up knowing i have single channel and Nforce3
asus mobo..and RAM sinks..

Also in my BIOS i have different name for all the settings
here they are.. can you tell me the corresponding one? (the not obvious ones lol)

CAS latency (cl)
DRAM to CAS delay
DRAM ras prechange time
DRAM active time

there yall go

thx guys

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If you want the exact order download and run CPU-Z the click on the memory tab. From top to bottom is the order.

Yuo should start to rase your FSB to increase RAM speeds and see how high you can get without becoming unstable
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