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Hello fellow overclockers,
I created a spread sheet to collect overclocking results of RAM on the AM4-Platform (Ryzen Gen 1+2) and I would appreciate it if you would submit your stable overclocking results there, too. This will hopefully help other people with their overclocking.


To fill out the spread sheet correctly you will need to know what kind of memory chips are used on your RAM and if they are organised in single or dual rank mode. (not to confuse with Single- and Dual Channel!).
The tool Thaiphoon burner will help you out here:

Furthermore please attach a screenshot your timings (Cl14-15-15-15- etc..) and resistances (Rtt, ProcODT etc.).
Ryzen Timing Checker will help you out here:

For stability testing purposes please use either HCI MemTest (>1000%) or Karhu Ram Test (>10.000%) and attach a screenshot when you have proven that your system is stable. This will take a few hours, but we don't have a better solution for this. :(

http://hcidesign.com/memtest/ (free)
start one instance of MemTest for every thread of your CPU and allocate all your RAM to them except 2GB so that Windows has some RAM left to breathe.
e.g. If you have 16GB of RAM and a R7 2700x, then start 16 instances with 850MB each. (16*850MB=13.600MB )
e.g. If you have 32GB of RAM and a R7 1800x, then start 16 instances with 1900MB each. (16*1900MB=28.800MB )
e.g. If you have 16GB of RAM and a R5 1600x, then start 12 instances with 1133MB each. (12*1133MB=13.600MB )

or use Karhu RAM Test:
https://www.karhusoftware.com/ramtest/ (<-- 10 US$)

In the end don't forget to submit your voltages. You can read them with HWiNFO64:

If you want to test the speed of your RAM and compare it to other people, you can run the Cache and Memory Benchmark of AIDA64 and submit your results in the last 4 culloms of the spread sheet. This is not mandatory.

I hope many people will participe. Have agreat weekend!
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