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ram problem?

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not sure if this is a ram problem but here goes:

Ok,heres the problem,my vista x64 is BSOD'ing every few minutes

with various errors:

driver irq not less or equal
page fault

after a little bit of time on google the general consensus is that its a memory problem,however i have run memtest on both sticks of ram for 12 hours a time,with no problems.Vista will not run with both sticks of ram,but will run fine with only one stick.could it be down to a recent windows update that has borked my system or is my mobo on its way out
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Did you change any bios settings or use any any overclocking software via Windows? That's common errors in changing and unstable configs.
corruption perhaps? memtest was run at your oc'ed speed im assuming ? got an image to restore to or anything ?? rule that out? reinstall os . does it run ok stock ??
this is on a fresh install of vista at stock clocks,I have run memtest at stock speeds and also O/C but with no errors either way
Update:I pulled a spare drive out and installed linux(ubuntu ultimate) and have had no problems with running both sticks of ram,so I must assume that it is a problem with a recent windows update.The only problem is to find out which one causes the issuse with my system.Anyone else getting any funky behaviour with 4 gig and a recent windows update
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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