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ram question?

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im gonna build a new computer for the first time and im getting

x58 LE - EVGA
i7 920
750hx corsair
sapphire 5850
640gb black
xigmatek dark knight

and i want the ballistix ram but heres where im stuck.

im only gonna do a modest overclock for now, 3.0-3.5ish
maybe in the future hit the 4ghz.
should i get the 1333 ram or is it imperative i get the 1600? i dont wanna spend any more money that i already am at this point but if it would yield better results ill do it. [i do not want to overclock ram]
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The 1600 may have more day to day performance and possibly a lil' more OC'ing room, but you are talking about OC'ing your cpu, I'd go with the cheaper of the 2 if money was an object. But thats me
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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