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ram speeds and GB's

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so I bought 4GB ram : G.Skill 2x 2gb 800mhz ram, and I had my old 2x 1GB 667 which in the CPU overclocking went to 840MHz (dram freq. 419 or so..)

I added my 4GB ram with 1024MB ram stick 667. So all of my 5GB's ran at 840MHz not dual channel.

Now my question is that:

what is more recommended:
1. 5GB ram @ 840 MHz single channel CR 1T

2. 4GB ram @ 980 MHz dual channel CR 2T

and why is it more recommended, thanks for the answers
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Depends on your usage.... do you ever run applications that need more than 4GB? If so, 5GB would be better. Otherwise, faster memory would be better if you never go over 4GB.
4GB dual channel at faster speed.
What they said above but?

Run a bandwidth benchmark. SiSoft Sandra is free?

I ask this more for curiosity than anything else.

I have tested the Intel 965 chipset and dual channel was only 10% difference vs single. But on my AMD RS480m the difference was 30%. I know your clocks are different but so is your command rate and would really be nice to know?
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