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Ram Timings? Recommendations?

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I have no idea on what the different numbers all mean in the timings... I am looking at buying some OCZ EL Platinum 2GB 2X1GB DDR400 CL2-3-2-5 but I have no idea what the best kind of timings are. I am looking at purchasing 2x 1GB of DDR 400 ram for my computer that is under the $200 CAN mark. These are the ones which I am currently looking at here. Are there any other that you would strongly recommend otherwise on either this website or this website?
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Memory Timing = delays or latency in clock cycles... or how long the memory takes to do something. The lower the better.

I just read this. It was very helpful.... now to the second half of my question.... are these OCZ sticks the best deal on both of those websites?
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