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I have a oem dell dimension 4400 that i have upgraded with a 2.8ghz celeron, a ati x1650 pro, a 1gb stick of patriot ram and a 256mb stick of samsung ram. i recently tried to replace the smaller stick with 1gb of g.skill from newegg. the computer would do fine up until the point of windows loading, were it would hang. i checked the bios, and all 2gb showed. what should i do?
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Try running Memtest86 for a couple of hours (burn image to cd or floppy and boot into it on startup). Make sure you make it thorough by using only the stick that you think may be the problem (one stick at a time) and testing it in different slots on you motherboard. Then you can see whether any of your memory is faulty.
my computer won't even boot to the o/s

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my computer won't even boot to the o/s
You dont need to get into windows to run memtest IIRC.Also,I know you can run it form the OS selection menu on W7 but im not sure about any other Windows OS's
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