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Ramaxel 1600mhz 8gb/ Kingston 1333mhz 8gb Kits

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I have two kits of memory

Ramaxel 1600Mhz 2x4gb Kit
These came with the lenovo I bought, i immediatly changed the memory when i bought it, put 16gb instead of 8...
So these have not been used whasoever...
The Chips that are on these are Elpida
Elpida Chips

Kingston 1333Mhz 2x4gb Kit
Pulled these from a macbook pro
Very strong kit i actually tested them on my lenovo and they run and show proper timings in cpuid (spd tab)
pretty awesome
Kingston Chips

I have them in plastic cases that you get when you order or buy kingston memory..

Selling dont need em...
If you want mem86 stuff please pm me as i will put them in my computer and run the test for them and take pics of the results for you