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Rampage Extreme II + 12GB memory, 920 i7, Overclock to 3.2GHZ, best settings anyone?

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I'm finally stable with my 920 i7 on this motherboard and also 12GB of ram (corsair dominator, see sig for exact spec)..

Currently i leave everything on auto, except ram i have at 1.65v and qpi volts at 1.35v, i've turned off the spectrums.. The only other setting change i made was setting the ram at 999-24, though i could probably hit 888-24 ok as well..

This is all at 2.66ghz...

Can anyone shoot me some changes i should make to run ok at 3.2ghz?

I've tried the OC cpu option, where you can pick say 3.2ghz manually from the list, and it sets cpu volts at 1.31, but i froze on loading vista.. (i set ram to 1604 manually)

I'm now trying a blck at 166 and ram at 1604 or so and see how that goes.. (i also set the cpu volts to 1.35v, qpi still at 1.35v).. update.. this setting froze on me during a video render test.. ( i did notice in the bios the cpu volts were over 1.35v, perhaps i need to up the cpu volts is all? I thought 1.35v was the max safe limit for the 920)

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Not sure, but I think if you were to Google "unofficial asus rampage II extreme thread", and maybe, perhaps, went to the first link, you would probably find EXACTLY what you are looking for. Just a thought, though.
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